Cancellation Policy
Class reschedule and cancellations must be made 4 hours prior to class start.
Friday mini workshops cancellations must be made 7 days prior to class start.
Weekend workshops cancellations must be made 14 days prior to class start.
Course (run by Wild Nest) cancellations must be made 14 days prior to class start.
Manage your classes in 'My Bookings'
Everyone is responsible for cancelling or rescheduling their own booked class.
If you fail to turn up the class cannot be re-booked and payment is lost.
Manage your bookings from the drop down box by your name at the top of the screen.
We do not accept email or telephone cancellations.
Plan Expiring
Everyone is responsible for "spending" their sessions within the time given.
For a set of 6 sessions you are given 8 weeks.
For a set of 12 sessions you are given 14 weeks.
For a set of 24 sessions you are given 26 weeks.
If you do not spend them within this time, they will be lost, so get on the mat!
See you there!
Wild Nest is a space for every-body, a place to be Yourself. 
Our Nest is a Beautiful space to Practice, a place where you can leave the outside world behind.
Relax, Let Go and Grow.
Let you Spirit be Wild and Free.

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