Yoga & Yogini copper screw top bottle.

The bottles made from copper (tamba) have been used in India for over 2000 years. According to Ayurveda drinking the water stored in a copper bottle brings balance in the three energies—known as Dosha (Vata-air elements, Kappa-water elements and Pitta-fire elements) - that circulate inside the human body. Yogi & Yogini copper bottles have been especially designed and created keeping these benefits of copper in mind.

Drinking out of copper bottles have lots of health benifits however we advice you look into these in your own time.


Only suitable for water. Not for milk, citrus and acidic liquids.

Ohm copper bottle 750 ml

  • Cleaning and maintenance.

    Do not wash the bottle in a dishwasher 

    Clean with natural dish soap, soft sponge and room temperature water 

    To shine use lemon wedges or a copper polish  

    Do not expose to direct sunlight


    NB: As a result of oxidation, the colour of a copper bottle will change over time. Also, it is natural for copper to show 'stains'. Both are a result of the natural properties of copper and have no negative effect on drinking water from a bottle like this one. 

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