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Singing bowl Nada Yoga

Nada Yoga means 'unity through sound'. This is the ancient spiritual art and science of inner transformation using sound. Meditation on sound is a universal path to self-realization that is accessible to all and can be applied by people of any religion or spiritual orientation.

The scales are manufactured manually and so the diameter can vary. Handmade singing bowl made of copper, tin and 8 noble metals (Ag, Ni, Cd, Ru, Pd, Pt, Cr, Mn).


Beaten Singing Bowls
Beaten or hand hammered singing bowls are completely made by a hand hammering process. In beaten singing bowls, every single singing bowl is carefully hand beaten, which requires several processes to finish up and being shaped into a perfect hand hammered bowl. In the making process, first the various compositions of metals as raw materials (Copper, Tin, Zinc, Iron, Lead, Gold and Silver) will be melted in a furnace, depending on manufacturing needs such as for a bronze singing bowl, or for a seven metals singing bowl. The hot melted metals are taken from the furnace and poured into a mould, to prepare a metal base for the various sizes and weights. Then, the round metals are taken out and cut into the specific metal plates in relative size and thickness. After that, the stacks of plates are brought for the hand beating or hammering process, following precise measurement and categorising for weight and size of the bowls. For the hand hammering process of the making of singing bowls, four to five round metal plates are piled up on top of each other and heated to red hot. The red hot burned metal plates are hammered by a group of expert artisans, as long as the heat remains in the metal, and then again are processed to red heating, for a continued beating for the shaping of the singing bowl. This heating and beating process with the bundled and piled up metal parts continues until a desired shape and size forms from the metal. (That is why the hammered or beaten singing bowls will get proportionately different in size and shape with each individual bowl). In this hammering process of the singing bowls, the metal plate needs to be hammered and beaten when it is red hot, as the metal remains soft and flexible; when the metal gets cooler, it will lose its softness and flexibility. which in turn will make the metal brittle, so it will break the bowl while being hammered and shaped. The reason behind this working process is that metal with a high content of bronze, or with a seven metal mixture, is very sensitive to heat and gets harder when it loses its hot temperature, so it will have cracks and break when worked on. So, in this shaping stage of hammered singing bowls, the shaping is done only while the metal is very hot. After completion of the shaping process of the desired bowls, the individual work begins. At this stage, each bowl is brought into a uniform shape and size, and this also should only be done using the same heating process and then hammering the precise shape. After finalising the shape and size, a finer hammering process makes for the final tuning and shaping of the bowls. The individual singing bowls are then chiselled and sometimes coloured, by turning the rough surface of the bowls for the fine finishing process, and checking the inside and outside surface, according to finishing needs.



575-675 g

13.5 cm

Nada Yoga singing bowl 13.5 cm incl rubbing stick


    Please select free local collection at checkout, thank you.

    This singing bowl is 13.5 cm in diameter.

    Weight 575-675 g

    Suede rubbing stick included.

    Cushion is not included.

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