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Spring Afternoon Retreat

A time to rest, restore and re-energise!

  • Starts 26 Mar
  • 55 British pounds
  • Winton Road

Available spaces

Service Description

Me time!! An afternoon to rest, rejuvenate and re-energise! To open our heart and throat to the joys of Spring! Monday the 20th March sees the first day of Spring. And with Spring comes a new fresh rejuvenating energy. This is the energy and element of Air which connects to our heart and throat centres. We will begin the afternoon with a short pranayama, a breathing meditation practice to connect our breath, mind and body. This will lead us into a gentle yoga flow to move the energy, the Prana through the body. Our practice will focus on opening the heart and throat chakras, welcoming in the energy of Spring. We will end the yoga practice with a guided Reiki drum journey. After a tea and healthy snack break, we will do a Yin yoga practice, followed by a deeply relaxing sound bath. Yin Yoga Our afternoon practice will also focus on the heart and throat area of the body. Yin is a slow, soothing and meditative style of yoga that targets the deep connective tissues, bones, joints, fascia, and ligaments in the body. It focuses on stretching and stimulating different acupressure points and meridian channels from Traditional Chinese Medicine. In Yin Yoga, we hold passive poses for about five minutes to work into our connective tissues, all supported by blankets and bolsters. The more we work our fascial system and deep tissues, the less dense and tight our bodies become as we age. Movement and stretching hydrate fascia and literally help slow the ageing process. Yin Yoga teaches us to slow down and connect with our bodies. Sound Bath We will end with some standing movement before laying down to finish with a Sound Bath. A sound bath is a meditative experience where participants are “bathed” in sound waves. The general intention of a sound bath is to create a state of harmony and balance in the listener by using sound to clear discordance from the participants energy field. Among the benefits are relaxation, an increased sense of wellbe