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Premium hand-rolled incense from the Yogi & Yogini series - "Prana" - basic scent - lavander


For yoga practitioners and meditators, of just for people do not go for less than the best Indian Incense.

They appreciate the ingredients to be pure, and the aroma to be mild. Incense burning will cause feelings of peace and serenity.


Yogi & Yogini Naturals - 
are produced with the care of the environment in mind. For people who love good natural products, and who wish to contribute to their own wellbeing, that of others and our planet.

This incense is a Fair Trade brand, in co-operation with a number of families in Southern India.



Composition: 100% natural ingredients and volatile oils

Number of sticks: 10

Weight: 20 grams

Burning: 20 minutes

Incense Prana

  • These incense are made fresh with essence of flowers,herbs, woods, resins and honey. Handrolled onto bamboo sticks.

    100% natural ingredients and volatile oils.


    Number of sticks - 10

    Weight -  13 grams

    Burning - 20 minutes

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