Our Team Of Wild And Wonderful Teachers!

Yo-Chi with Elsa
Elsa Donovan - Yo-Chi Teen Yoga

I combine my working life by teaching Yo-Chi (teen yoga), Club Morgan (yoga, thai-chi, drama and relaxation), performing and organising parties and events.

I have a great passion for seeing children’s confidence and skills increase through practicing the arts, and I believe in children being able to express their creativity in a relaxed and happy environment.

As well as teaching and performing I enjoy tailoring parties for children and adults, making it an exciting and personal experience.

I completed a BA Drama, Media and Film degree from King Alfred’s at The University of Winchester in 2001, and have worked extensively in the arts with a mix of touring productions, theatre in education and teaching drama to various ages.

I spent many years with The Phoenix Theatre Company in Bordon, and have since enjoyed acting and directing in various productions.

Carly Gloak - Pregnancy & Moon Flow

I am Carly and I qualified as a pregnancy teacher with YogaBellies.
After attending YogaBellies classes in my local area, before and during my first pregnancy, I realised it was not just a yoga class but so much more. I wanted to be able to give other women the same experience, support and “me” time that I had received from attending the classes.

I now teach yoga classes for women through all stages of their lives.

Roz Orchard - Yoga & Mindfulness

I first fell in love with yoga when teaching in challenging inner city London schools over 15 years ago. Practising yoga allowed me to sustain my energy and remain balanced in order to support the children I taught. My passion continued as I began to find yoga not just a support but a way of life. I also started practising mindfulness around the same time, firstly through weekly classes with the wonderful Angus Ford-Robertson and then completing a number of courses including Vipassana meditation in the Himalayas in Nepal.

Ten years ago I travelled to Austria to complete my Siv Ananda Teacher Training where I was able to fully immerse in all aspects of yoga, not only hatha yoga but yoga philosophy, meditation, raga and karma yoga as well.

Mindful meditation and yoga continued to be a huge part of my life as I went on to have my own children and trained in Pregnancy yoga, Yo-Chi for children and Mindfulness.

Over the last ten years I have enjoyed teaching yoga in schools, both to children and teachers; in community centres; studios; on teacher training courses; above pubs and more recently via Zoom!

The yoga I teach now is inspired by all of these experiences allowing me to focus on present awareness within the body and mind, creating a union between the two in a vinyasa style practice encouraging openness and flexibility of body, mind and spirit.

Yoga means union and I challenge you to practice a yoga class and not feel better at the end than you did at the start.

Laura Wills
Laura Wills - Seasonal Yoga

I am an Actress, trained Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher and Co-founder of an accredited yoga and drama based programme Club Morgan, which is now a national programme in schools and was shortlisted for the Richard Branson Voom awards.
My acting training gave me the ability to carve a unique pathway in my career combining my two passions - Seasonal Yoga and Performing Arts. 
From a young age I have practiced yoga and meditation and had a fascination with the mind - body connection and as a young adult often found myself looking for ways I could explore my own personal and spiritual development. This desire was partly a result of my upbringing but also out of my own intense struggles with anxiety during my early adult life - while I could perform on stage in front of hundreds of possible I could often find myself feeling anxious on the tube or in the car. Having found the tools to heal myself through yoga and mindfulness, I now provide these solutions around wellbeing to hundreds of children and adults.

Maria Anderson - Hatha, Flow & Yin Yoga
Hands on Reiki & Reiki Drum Healing

I fell in love with Yoga the moment I did my first class some 25 years ago. I clearly remember my first class in the local village hall with a few dimly lit desk lamps in the corners.

Inspired, I started to immerse myself in yoga, reading everything I could get my hands on while attending courses and workshops to deepen my understanding.

Later, I was lucky to meet an amazing teacher trainer who over 10 years taught me so much about Yoga and coached me through my Yoga, Anatomy and Shiatsu qualifications.

I worked through my children's Teacher Training with Yoga Bananas and Teen Teacher Training with The Teen Yoga Foundation.

I also have a diploma in Meditation and Sound therapy.

Qualified Reiki Master and in Reiki drum technique.

My other passion is Shamanism (a 1 year Shamanic practitioner qualification course completed) where we deepen our connection to Mother Nature and the greater Universe. 

Qualified to teach the rites of the Munay-Ki. Life changing moment.

I do my best to live by "The Four Agreements", the Reiki principles and Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth".

To me, Yoga brings all that I have done together. It teaches us Oneness, that we exist in Union where everything is connected though a Universal Energy, an energy that, if we are still and listen, will guide us on our journey through life.

Melissa Pasinios - Dynamic & Yin Yoga
Heading 6
Sammi Wild - Flow & Restore, Restorative Yoga
Heading 6