Our Team Of Wild And Wonderful Teachers!

Elsa Donovan - Yo-Chi Teen Yoga

I completed a BA Drama, Media and Film degree from King Alfred’s at The University of Winchester in 2001, and have worked extensively in the arts with a mix of touring productions, theatre in education and teaching drama to various ages.

I spent many years with The Phoenix Theatre Company in Bordon, and have since enjoyed acting and directing in various productions.

I combine my working life by teaching Yo-chi (teen yoga) Club Morgan (yoga, thai-chi, drama and relaxation), and performing and organising parties and events.

I have a great passion for seeing children’s confidence and skills increase through practicing the arts, and I believe in children being able to express their creativity in a relaxed and happy environment.

As well as teaching and performing I enjoy tailoring parties for children and adults, and making it an exciting and personal experience.

Malin Johansson
Laura Wills - Seasonal Yoga

I am an Actress, trained Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher and Co-founder of an accredited yoga and drama based programme Club Morgan, which is now a national programme in schools and was shortlisted for the Richard Branson Voom awards.
My acting training gave me the ability to carve a unique pathway in my career combining my two passions - Seasonal Yoga and Performing Arts. After graduating I toured in various theatre productions and also set up my own successful theatre company which specialised in social issues. It was at this time I experienced the power of making a difference through theatre.
From a young age I have practiced yoga and meditation and had a fascination with the mind - body connection and as a young adult often found myself looking for ways I could explore my own personal and spiritual development. This desire was partly a result of my upbringing but also out of my own intense struggles with anxiety during my early adult life - while I could perform on stage in front of hundreds of possible I could often
find myself feeling anxious on the tube or in the car. Having found the tools to heal myself through yoga and mindfulness, I now provide these solutions around wellbeing to hundreds of children and adults.

Maria Anderson - Hatha Yoga

I fell in love with Yoga the moment I did my first class some 20 years ago. I very well remember my first class in the local village hall with a few dimly lit desk lamps in the corners.

I started reading all about yoga and attending courses and workshops to deepen my knowledge.

Later on I was lucky to find an amazing teacher/teacher trainer how over 10 years thought me all about Yoga and couched me through my Yoga Diploma, Anatomy and Shiatsu course.

I did my children's Teacher Training with Yoga Bananas and my Teen Teacher Training with The Teen Yoga Foundation.

Fully DBS checked.

I also have a diploma in Meditation and Reiki 2 qualified. 

My other passion is Shamanism where we deepen our connection to Mother Nature.

To me, Yoga is what brings it all together, it teaches us Oneness, a Union where everything is connected through a Universal Energy. An energy that, if we are still and listen, will guide us on our journey through life.

Raquel Alves - Hatha & Para Yoga

Raquel Alves is a Para YogaBWY and Sivananda Yoga Teacher, Raquel is also a yoga therapist, she is a qualified Body therapist in various styles, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and Indian head massage, Reiki and Esoteric healing.  She is a Mentor for Yoga Campus Teacher training, a Foundation course teacher and TPOT observer for BWY.

Raquel began her journey at the age of 13 – when initiated into TM meditation. Her interest in yoga asanas started in her early 20’s & began to learn from the Sivananda yoga book. She emigrated to England & her teacher suggested she do a teacher training course which she completed in 1992 & qualified as a Sivananda Yoga Teacher and started teaching then. Still seeking more knowledge, Raquel joined the British Wheel of Yoga to work very closely with Swami Dayamurti with whom she lived for a year. She also completed a yoga therapy course with Sushill Batcharya of Nepal. She has also worked extensively with the Iyengar system, which she uses in her teaching to emphasise correct alignment. She came across Ashtanga Yoga 2000 and begun practicing under the guidance of John Scott. In November 2004 she went to study in India, she spent 4 months studying with Sri K. Pattabi Jois.

In 2006 she met her teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker and is now a Para Yoga Teacher, she assists him when he comes to the UK and Europe to teach.. She has worked extensively with many well known teachers, to name a few, David Swenson, Lino Miele, Mat & Etzy, Sarah Powers, Shiva Ray, Richard Freedman, Ana Forrest, Liz Lark and many more.

She brings a wealth of knowledge to her teaching & empowers her students to have fun, and to enquiry within, and empower themselves.

Carly Gloak - Mother and baby yoga

I am Carly, a YogaBellies yoga teacher based in Hampshire and a mum to my beautiful little girl who was born in March 2016.
After attending Yogabellies classes in my local area before and during my pregnancy, I realised it was not just a yoga class but so much more. I wanted to be able to give other women the experience, support and “me” time that I had received from attending classes. I now teach yoga classes for women through all stages of their lives 

The body undergoes huge change during pregnancy and childbirth. YogaBellies for Mum and Baby is a unique post natal yoga class which focuses on mum’s three main areas of concern: the back, the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor. We focus on rebuilding these three key areas post natally, at a pace that suits you. As the integrity of each of these key areas is interconnected, we work on all three at once to help bring back structural integrity to your body.

At YogaBellies for Mum and Baby, we don’t “put baby in the corner” while you practice yoga  Our exclusive post natal classes also incorporate baby yoga postures for your little one too so that they can practice with mummy! As every aspect of your life will include baby now, we help you integrate baby into your yoga practice, while feeling the benefits of yoga for you too. You will also learn breath awareness and relaxation techniques, which help to increase energy levels and allow you to relax while with baby (yes it is possible!!)

Yoga provides a wonderful resource for you and your baby that allows you to deal positively with stress, and encourage mindful relaxation in your role as a mother and to help gently guide the body and mind back to their former glory.

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