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Violet lavender eye pillow

A lavender eye pillow is an easy, and highly effective way to relax and enjoy the wonderful benefits of lavender aromatherapy. 
Simply place the eye pillow over your eyes, breathe in, relax and enjoy the calming effects of lavender. Stress relief couldn't be any easier! 
They are also helpful for headache and muscle relief. Flaxseed gives pliability to the eye pillow.
Relaxing the eyes with an eye pillow also causes the eyebrows, cheekbones, temples to relax. 

Placing your eye pillow in the fridge or freezer minimum 10 minute or for a few hours in a canvas or plastic bag it adds a 'very cool' element to your relaxation experience.
They also comfort tired eyes when warmed slightly more than body temperature in the microwave. Do Not place the eye pillow directly on the eyes when it's too hot!

Lavender eye pillow

  • The pillows are filled with top quality organic lavender and organic flax seeds. Dimensions 22 x 8 cm Weight 70 g
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