Our  Wonderful Therapists

Massage & Reflexology

(Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage, Pregnancy and Post-natal)

£55 for 60 minutes

£85 for 90 minutes. (£10 off your first treatment)

£85 (90 mins) for Birth Preparation session for you and your birth partner (equipping you both with a ‘toolbox’ of massage, pain relieving and relaxation techniques to help through labour.)

£275 for block bookings of 5 x 60 min treatments

Your treatment is tailored and adapted to you on the day. It will include any combination of massage and/or reflexology techniques to suit you so don’t worry if you’re unsure what to book.

Other therapies:

Ayurveda Yoga Massage

Indian Head Massage

Seated Acupressure

Facial Rejuvenation

Hot Stone Reflexology

£55 for 60 minutes

£85 for 90 minutes. (£10 off your first treatment)

Block booking and gift vouchers available.

You can see Sara at Wild Nest on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

To book an appointment or to arrange an informal telephone chat Email: sara@nbalance.co.uk

Refer a Friend and when they book you receive 20% off your next treatment with Sara.

Sara’s Practice is divided into three areas:

Pregnancy and Postnatal Care

From Pre-conception, Prenatal & Postnatal Pregnancy, Birth Preparation workshops; Labour Support, Postnatal Support.

General Practice

Key areas of expertise are: Stress & Anxiety, Depression, Digestive Problems, Sleep and Mobility issues, and Degenerative disorders.

Babies and Children

Self help techniques and reflexology is given to help a full range of symptoms including colic, digestive problems, skin issues, bed-wetting or sleep difficulties.

Child Reflexology & Massage (16 years and under)

£35 for 40 min

Child Wellness Session (16 years and under) 
A bespoke and tailored home visit offering reflexology and relaxation/mindfulness techniques which can help aid better sleep and reduce/cope with anxiety.


One to One private session - Child Wellness Package

£45 (60 mins) 

£100 (3 x 40 min sessions which includes a taught self-help bedtime sequence and tailored essential oils)

Baby Massage

It’s a 4 week course where you will learn a massage sequence for the legs, tummy, chest, arms, face and back, a special colic routine and some simple baby yoga movements. You will also learn what oils to use & how to create a suitable environment, follow your baby’s cues, learn some relaxation techniques and how to adapt the massage as your baby grows. Rhymes, songs and lullabies are incorporated into the routine to maximise benefits and add to the enjoyment (singing is optional!).There is also time for discussion, and sharing each others experiences on topics such as sleeping and crying, at the end of each class.


Its important to mention that you will be the only one massaging your baby as I will be using a demonstration doll.     

£60 for a 4 week course  (could be with some friends or with an NCT group in the comfort of your own home and when a time suits you or join one of my organised courses)

Baby Reflexology

One-to-One - 2 x 60 minute sessions – £60 each or buy both together for £100

Sara Wood - Natural Balance
Rachel Redfern - Life Coach

With this in mind I have trained as a Relational Dynamic Coach - running my own business and living a creative life means I think differently. I am well aware of the pressures people feel from those operating at a senior level in a global business, running a small firm or as a mother trying to make all things work in balance - because I have been there.

I am drawn to women in transition, creating businesses, balancing ambition and personal challenges.

I am an advisor to ‘Women in Technology’  and a panel coach for 'She Leads Change’ which is a perfect fit providing the opportunity to blend my business development, creative and coaching skills together to affect change".

Sessions can be 1 hour, 90 minutes or 2 hours. The length of sessions, session frequency and number of sessions are agreed with each client on an individual basis and we will discuss this before the first session.


I charge an hourly rate on a sliding scale (on request) and ask you to pay what you can afford within that scale.  If you are on a low income or unemployed please email me – I offer some lower cost sessions.


You can book session by session if you prefer, or you can book to work with me for a 3 or 6 month period, this could be an initial longer session, followed by shorter sessions and could be in person or by Zoom or phone. Please contact me to find out more and we can tailor make a coaching package for you.

To book a coaching session contact Rachel:

Email: redferns1@btinternet.com

Website: rachelredfern.com

Rachel is passionate about women fulfilling their true potential despite the rigours of living in our complex hyper connected world as a wife, mother, daughter, sibling, friend or work colleague.

The quality of our relationship with ourselves is at the core of having a fulfilling life and impacts on how we operate at home and work. When I took my own personal leap of the corporate ladder I was well practiced in the art of advising others on how to manage relationships with their clients yet had no idea of who I was and what I needed to thrive not just survive. If I had had a coach to work with I would have made more reflective decisions about what to do rather than what turned out to be an emotional leap off the diving board.

Magda Jenkins - Nutritional Therapist

Magda Jenkins - Nutritional Therapist - DipCNM, mBANT, mCNHC

Magda offers a fully integrated Naturopathic and Functional
Medicine approach together with diagnostic lab testing.

She specialises in:

Women’s health – hormonal imbalance, menstrual irregularities, maternal
exhaustion, PMS, fertility, breast health, detoxification, fatigue, breastfeeding nutrition
and support, pregnancy and postnatal nutrition, skin health.

Paediatrics – asthma, allergies, infections, healthy eating and first foods, and tummy

Digestive health  – constipation, bloating, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, IBD, food
sensitivities, microbiome optimisation.

For more information or to book a free initial 15 mins telephone consultation:

Email: contact@magdajenkins.com
Website: www,magdajenkins.com 

Malin Tennent - Transpersonal Coaching Psychology

Transpersonal means “beyond the person”. Its psychology is based on the idea of a spiritual centre or self within each individual. It draws together threads and influences from many high–profile, 20th-century psychologists such as Abraham Maslow (who explored the relationship between self–realisation and motivation),Victor Frankl (a prisoner of Second World War concentration camps who found that those who could invest their lives with meaning had a greater chance of survival), and Carl Jung (who studied how individuals can feel fulfilled).

Many coaching methods claim to be “client centred”, however, TCP is the only approach that addresses the whole person by stressing the integration of self, shadow and spirit in a transformative manner. TCP draws on the transcendent quality of consciousness to shift the client from ego-based problems towards spiritual solutions, yet it does so in a pragmatic way that empowers people in the contexts of their everyday lives. TCP facilitates peak experiences, recognising that such states can bring forward insights that have meaning and practical applications in the area where the client wants to resolve a challenge. Clients learn how to embody their insights and anchor their new perspectives into the relevant contexts of their life. TCP ultimately promotes a sense of connection with a broader spectrum of consciousness, which in turn cultivates a sense of meaning and purpose in life.

To read more and to book a coaching session with Malin visit 

website: www.soul-garden.se/


Email: malin@soul-garden.se

Reiki with Maria Anderson
Vanessa Leven - Soft Tissue Massage
More commonly known as Sports and Remedial Massage,
Soft Tissue Therapy uses a number of different techniques to help treat minor and chronic injuries. By treating the different layers of soft tissue we work to alleviate pain, improve function and restore muscle tone, symmetry and balance.
Soft Tissue Therapy can be used to address specific problems or injuries that are often caused by our lifestyles. Remedial Massage uses a variety of techniques to treat the layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia to change the soft tissues and ultimately reduce pain.

Each session is tailored to meet your individual requirements depending on your presenting symptoms and needs. 

A full clinical assessment is made to establish the most appropriate treatment plan. Each treatment will combine both superficial and deep massage and other advanced soft tissue techniques such as:​

Soft Tissue Release,

Muscle Energy Technique

Neuro Muscular Technique,

Facial Release Technique

Positional Release Technique

To book an appointment please contact Vanessa:

Email: vanessa@vanessalevenstt.co.uk

Website: www.vanessalevenstt.co.uk


It is kindly requested that you provide at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to change or cancel an appointment.

Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged the full appointment fee.

Thank you.

Please make all appointments direct with the therapist.
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