Women Circle


Honouring the beauty, power and wisdom

of women coming together

Since ancient times women have come together in circles to celebrate, share and support each other.

Upcoming Circles

Friday 7th October

Pelvic floor health

with Julia Willmott


We talk menopause,

line reduction/healthy ageing,

 & setting intentions

Monthly Friday 7.30 - 9.30pm

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Women circle hands
Shamanic drumming

Shamanic Sisters Drumming Circle

We begin our evening with a smudging ceremony and opening sacred space.

We drum and we journey, we laugh and we cry, we sing and we dance.

Together, sisters holding hands,

in this circle we are held, in this circle we are strong, in this circle we remember, in this circle we belong.


If you have a drum please bring her

with you.

We have a few smaller drums you

can borrow.



Monthly Fridays from 7.30 -9pm

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Sound Bath
A sound bath is a meditative experience where participants are “bathed” in sound waves.
These waves are produced by various healing instruments such as singing bowls, gongs, chimes and rattles.

The general intention of a sound bath is to create a state of harmony and balance in the listener by using sound to clear discordance from the participants energy field.
Among the benefits are relaxation, an increased sense of wellbeing, expanded awareness and access to inner visionary experience.

Monthly Friday 7.30 - 8.30pm

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Singing bowls
Mudra 1.jpg
Kundalini Yoga Workshop

Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness is an ancient and sacred yoga stream from Northern India.

The flow of the class is the Kriya, a sequence of actions to achieve

a specific result and the difference between Kundalini Yoga & other yoga streams, is the overall experience of a heightened awareness

& a sense of inner peace.


A regular Kundalini Yoga practice gives a greater sense of well-being,
connectedness, mindfulness, physical and mental strength and a unique harmony of the mind, body and spirit.

with Padmani Simrit Kaur (Claire Cipollone)

Monthly Sunday 3 - 5pm

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Breathwork Workshop

Let breathing ground you and set you free!
An invitation to find your inner strength through Breathwork.

Breathwork is the use of Breath awareness and Conscious Breathing to promote healing and growth in whatever area of your life would benefit.

The three basic skills of awareness, relaxation and breathing have the ability to ground you to wake up to who you are, to let go of what does not serve you any longer and to take charge of your our life within a safe and secure space.

with Solveig Store

Monthly Sunday 3 - 5pm

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Kirtan Workshop

Kirtan is a voice meditation practice, which connects you deeply into your true self.

Together, we will be chanting simple yet powerful mantras accompanied by the harmonium and drum. Experience freedom of expression through using your voice, and enjoy some truly beautiful mantras and melodies.

The chants will be led in traditional call and response, and other times we will chant as a collective group

For a wonderful way to spend a
Sunday afternoon, join Holly on

Sunday 27th November
3 - 5pm

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Soul Voice

Discover your soul voice

and improve your wellbeing.

Held in a safe space, join Jennifer for an afternoon of exploring and finding your  soul voice, to help soothe your soul and open your heart.

Singing together is so so powerful.

There will be a break for tea and snacks, before laying down and relaxing into a beautiful crystal bowl sound bath, leaving you to relax, release and rejuvenate.

 No singing experience is required,
just courage to be heard.
with Jennifer Jenkins

Monthly Saturday 2 - 4pm
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Rewilding Story Circle

Rewilding through stories.

Experience the restorative power of ancient tales and folklore that connect us with the nature and the land we live on,
nourishing your soul and rewilding you through story.

After a break for tea and cake there is a chance to take part in some guided exploration of the stories, through discussion and journaling, so that you can connect with the themes within the tales on a deeper level.

Journaling material and notes included.

Dawn is on an exciting new adventure
so will be back in story telling circle in
the new year.
Forward cobbler

Afternoon Retreat

A afternoon to rest and rebalance,

and leave feeling rejuvenated


We will start the afternoon with gentle movement in a Qigong practice.

Qi-gong is an ancient Chinese technique based on controlled breathing and guided movements.

It is a system of low-impact movements that develops our awareness of the life force energy.

We will share hands on Reiki healing,

Reiki drum healing and

a Reiki drum journey.

After a break for tea and cake,

we will enjoy a Yin yoga practice,

followed by a pranayama (breathing) exercise,

meditation and sound bath.

Sunday 9th October  2 - 6pm

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Seasonal yoga

Seasonal Yoga Workshop


Explore the energies and movements

of Autumn


Seasonal Yoga is inspired by ancient Chinese and Indian health systems and

is a gentle practice specifically designed to send energy flowing through the meridian lines (energy pathways of the body).

From a physical view point the practice

re-vitalizes our systems and organs

which have energies corresponding to different seasons of the year - putting

the mind and body where it is supposed

to be - in harmony with nature.

with Laura Wills


This workshop will be back in the autumn

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Mother & Daughter Retreat
(aunt, grandma, other)

Everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.

This is a 2 hour special and unique workshop just for mothers and daughters, to unwind, recharge, learn self care and reconnect with each other.   

Perfect for teens and pre-teens, we will focus on 3 areas of the body:
The Head
(including the face, scalp and shoulders)
The Feet
The Hands

Learn the best technique to reduce stress, increase self care, build trust, reconnect and unwind.

with Sara Wood

This retreat will be back in the autumn

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Moon Workshop
Live harmoniously with the cycles of the Moon


Connecting with the energies of the moon and the Luna cycle has many benefits and brings many gifts. It allows us a greater understanding of the cycles of nature, the seasons and our own rhythms.

Each Luna phase brings with it a different energy, an energy which we can connect to and use through our daily lives. From changes to your sleep, your moods, emotions and your own energy levels, the Luna cycle can have a profound impact on all areas of our lives.


with Carly Gloak



This workshop will be back in the autumn.

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Wellbeing with Essentials oils workshop

Introduction to essential oils.

An opportunity to explore the wonders of
10 beautiful essential oils for family first aid.

Your senses will be delighted and awakened as you learn about their amazing uses and benefits and how they can benefit your families health.

"I can’t shout loud enough at how
amazing Doterra essential oils are!"

For a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

with Sara Wood

This workshop will be back in the autumn

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Yoga Nidra
Shifting Seasons Yoga Nidra
Summer to Autumn

Synchronising with the rhythm of nature and shift beautifully from the season of rest and reflection to the season of rebirth.

Yoga Nidra meaning little sleep (although you don’t actually sleep), is the most powerful way to switch off and restore ourselves in a form of deep relaxation.
It is performed laying down on the back, snuggled in blanket if so desired, to be warm and comfortable.

Enjoy an evening of helping the mind & body let go of the old & stale in our lives, and thus granting us the vision to
re-evaluate our true essence & move forward.

with Maria Anderson

Yoga Nidra will be back in the autumn

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Chakra Workshop

Explore the subtle energies within

Following on from our sellout Charka workshop this autumn
we are excited to explore the higher energy centres of the body.
This is a workshop for those that would like to understand this beautiful energy system a little better.

You will gain a deeper insight into how we can work with these energy centres on a deeper level within our lives, our meditation and mindful practice to find greater healing and peace within.

with Laura Wills

This workshop will be back in the autumn

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It is kindly requested that you provide at least 7 days notice if you need to
cancel a workshop.

Cancellations within 7 days will be charged the full fee.
All refunds will be made minus payment fees.

Please email

Thank you.