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Bamboo clothing care

Performance fabrics and natural fabrics are always at their best when washed at 30 degrees and it saves on power too – making your purchase of a sustainable fabric even more eco-friendly.
Never use fabric conditioner on natural or manmade sports fabrics as it blocks the fibres and you will begin to lose the wonderful natural properties.
If you hang your garments to dry then no ironing is needed, which is always a good thing. Items can be ironed on a medium heat if preferred.
As with all fabrics avoid contact with abrasive surfaces and objects.
About Bamboo
Sweat management – bamboo clothing sweeps sweat away from the body to the outer surface of the fabric where it evaporates. Fabrics like cotton absorb sweat and so is trapped until it dries.
Temperature adjusting – bamboo clothing has millions of micro-gaps in the fibre which enables it adjust to your temperature – warm when you are cool and cool when you are warm.
Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal – bamboo clothing is naturally anti-bacterial and eliminates odour.
Breathable – bamboo sportswear allows the skin to breathe keeping you feeling fresh.
Anti-static and hypoallergenic – bamboo is natural and a great option for people with sensitivity to man-made fibres.
Bamboo clothing is soft and fluid – a pleasure to wear!
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