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Mindfulness course with Sandrine Cranswick


8 week mindfulness course


This mindfulness course combines the MBSR programme created by Jon Kabat-Zinn PhD with elements of MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, co-developed by Mark Williams of Oxford University). MBSR/MBCT courses are evidence-based and recommended by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence)

This course will give you a thorough foundation of mindfulness, with practices and tools easily applicable in modern life.

Through this experiential training in mindfulness and meditation, participants will learn:

  • A range of meditations from 5 to 40 mins and how to set up a home practice.

  • Various mindfulness practices easily applicable in daily life.

  • To become aware of our automatic pilot and learning ways of stepping out

  • Noticing our habitual thought patterns and learning tools to free ourselves from being driven by these patterns and from constantly dwelling in the past or future.

  • Mindful movements

  • Exploring the effects of stress on the body, the relationship with body-mind and learning short practices to reduce stress and anxiety, to cope with our emotions and difficult events.

  • Mindful Communication skills

  • How to look after oneself. We cannot look after others in the long run if we are not able to look after ourselves.

  • Lifelong skills to live life more fully, to interact with our experiences with greater awareness, stillness, compassion for oneself and others; responding more skilfully to life’s challenges.

  • To bring greater clarity and awareness into all aspects of daily life.


This course includes 8 weekly 2 hour sessions, recordings of practices, a workbook and an app.

It is highly recommended to join the introduction session first on 5 February.

To apply please fill out the application form online:


What previous participants have said:

“Sandrine has a gentle, kind manner and creates a safe space where you feel supported and looked after. She is like a gardener patiently watering and encouraging the seeds of mindfulness in you and inspiring you by her example. I loved the course, I feel it has given me the tools to maintain a higher level of well-being.”



“An excellent course for starting the process of understanding the causes of stress and of then learning how to cope, and in the process taking care of yourself and all those you come into contact with. Can’t recommend highly enough”.


“I would definitely recommend this course. Life, as we all know, is not always easy. This course will help all to deal with life’s ups and downs and learn to enjoy life again if you are finding it difficult”



My name is Sandrine, I have been practising meditation since 1993 under the guidance of qualified teachers. I was encouraged by my Buddhist teacher to teach mindfulness. I wanted to keep the integrity of mindfulness combined with modern psychology and therefore undertook an in-depth teacher training:

I completed four-year training with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University and a year at Oxford Mindfulness Centre where I received a Certificate of Competency to teach in the workplace. I am listed on the British Association for MBAs (following the Good Practice Guidelines).

I have been teaching mindfulness since 2013 to the general public and since 2018 in schools and in the workplace. I have benefited so much from my daily practice that I love sharing this invaluable approach to life and see my participants benefiting too.




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