Pregnancy with Carly Gloak
This is a beautiful candlelit class where you can take time breathe and relax.
To have a bit of me time, to stretch out and build strength.
Take some time to focus on just you and your growing baby.
It's also a great way to meet other mums to be.
Seasonal Yoga with Laura Wills

Seasonal Yoga is inspired by ancient Chinese and Indian health systems and is a practice specifically designed to send energy flowing through the meridian lines (energy pathways of the body). From a physical view point the practice re-vitalizes our systems and organs which have energies corresponding to different seasons of the year - putting the mind and body where it is supposed to be - in harmony with nature.

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ROCKET with Malin
Rocket Yoga is a combination of the first, second and third series of Ashtanga Yoga and the poses are sequenced around the joints of the body.
The Rocket practice encourages a smooth unbroken rhythm of breath and movement, 
The Rocket, as the name indicates, gets you there faster!
It adds in more strengthening abdominal moves which support your inversion practice, as well as lots of hip openers, backbends and twists to create a well-rounded body and mind. The Rocket sequences leave you with the feeling of being stronger, lighter and more flexible.
Hatha Yoga with Maria Anderson
Hatha Yoga is one of the oldest systems that includes most styles yoga practice.
In Gentle Hatha we move to a slow and steady flow with mostly floor based asanas.
Intermediate Hatha is a strong session, holding the yoga poses and working in time with the breathe.
In Power Hatha we up the tempo making this a Vinyasa/Ashtanga style practice.
All work with the breath and energy's to balance mind, body & soul.
Mother and Baby with Carly Gloak
YogaBellies offer relaxing and rejuvenating sessions especially designed for post partum mummies and their new babies. We use our proven YogaBellies therapies, with a unique twist on authentic yogic techniques, to guide you help you adjust and grow as a mother. We offer class and water based sessions where baby is never left to one side and is integral part of your sessions and your new life as a mother.
Teen Girls Yo-Chi with Elsa Donovan
Teenager today are faced with many challenges as they grow and develop into adults. The Yo-Chi program is a truly vibrant and holistic program - giving teenager and young adults 'Tools for Life' - helping to combat stress and anxiety while bringing about greater physical, mental and emotional well-being. We use seasonally inspired Yo-Chi flow (yoga and Thai Chi exercise) and relaxation skills to help them cope with today's fast paced and competitive world.
Junior Yoga Club with Maria
Our Junior yoga club is for school children in
year 3 - year 6.
We practice our yoga through story telling, following the Yoga Bananas program, and to fun uplifting music. There are lots of stories for the children to learn and share. We also practice kindness with story - touch massage, mindfulness, sound meditation and relaxation.
Yin Yoga with Malin
Coming Soon!
Am I...
The right age? Yes!
The right size? Yes!
The right shape? Yes!
The right sex? Yes!
What do I need?
We have mats, blocks/bricks, strap and bolsters
all available for you to borrow.
You are very welcome to bring your own mat to practice on.
All you need is something comfortable to wear.
Meditation with Maria
True happiness
can only be found within.
We practice several different types of meditation, form Mindfulness, Breathing and Sound meditation to Guided Visualisation, Concentration and Transcendental Meditation.
This is suitable for all levels.
Wild Nest is a space for everyone, a place to feel Special. 
Our Nest is a Beautiful space to Practice, a place where you can leave the outside world behind.
Relax, Let Go and Grow.
Let you Spirit be Wild and Free.

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