Wild Nest's Story

About Wild Nest

I have always wanted to create a place where you can pause and take breath, a place to spend some ‘me time’ with a favourite cup of tea. I am a great believer in the power of a positive environment and a few well-chosen items can connect your mind, body and soul.


I hope this is somewhere you feel like spending some time, somewhere to shop and ‘hang out’. It is a space where you can find a gift for a friend or a treat for yourself, as well as a place to find some inspiration through yoga, meditation and uplifting affirmations.


As a little girl, I grew up in the wild woods of Sweden. I spent most days climbing trees, building dens and clearing streams with my siblings and cousins. We had a favourite old birch tree that we called "Laten" "The Lazy", it had the most perfect branches to lie on and watch the world go by. I still have a strong passion for the great outdoors, especially the trees, and a favourite is the Silver Birch - the Lady of the Woods. Standing tall and beautiful their energy is so grounding and energising. I wanted to create a space to share a little of this energy with the world, this is Wild Nest.


WILD – for the spiritual and inspirational great outdoors

NEST – for the connection with you, loved ones and a safe place to practice.


I hope you enjoy, please let me know what you think as all feedback will be gratefully received. Get in touch...



About me

I fell in love with it Yoga the moment I did my first class some 20 years ago. It's a love that turned into a part-time job, I am fully qualified and practice with both adults, teens and children. It was through Yoga, Reiki (qualified practitioner) and Meditation that I learned to deepen my connection to the spiritual side of life.

I have spent most my working life in retail and love the impact this most ancient of industries can have on peoples wellbeing. I love interacting with inspiring people and being surrounded by beautiful and uplifting items.


I am lucky to have a very handy and creative family making all kinds of strange and wonderful things, you will be able to find some of their work on this site soon. It is their creativity that inspired me to start ‘making’ and I have been distributing my jewellery through local shops for a while now.




Wild Nest is a space for everyone, a place to feel Special. 
Our Nest is a Beautiful space to Practice, a place where you can leave the outside world behind.
Relax, Let Go and Grow.
Let you Spirit be Wild and Free.

© 2015 by Wild Nest