Seasonal Yoga Master Class

with Laura Wills

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Seasonal Yoga is inspired by ancient Chinese and Indian health systems and is a gentle practice specifically designed to send energy flowing through the meridian lines (energy pathways of the body).


From a physical view point the practice re-vitalizes our systems and organs which have energies corresponding to different seasons of the year - putting the mind and body where it is supposed to be - in harmony with nature.

By making Seasonal Yoga and mindfulness an integral part of your daily routine you will be protecting your health, enhancing your energy and will improve your general well being!

Let Laura take you on a journey through out the year giving you many tools for the months ahead.

Open to all.

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Yin & Anatomy
with Malin
Sunday 18th October - Upper Body
Sunday 15th November - Lower  Body
3 - 5.30 pm

Anyone can work on a pose as long as it is modified and broken down to suit their body. In this workshop we will work with a variety of poses looking at target areas, range of movement and variations, exploring how this plays out in our yoga practice. We will look at different body's and learn to adjust our practice and needs to get the most from our practice. Instead of thinking "How can I force my body into this pose" you will learn how the practice can be modified to your own individual experience of "How can my body express this pose right now?"

What can I expect?

This workshop will begin with a brief introduction to Yin yoga and the Anatomy of Asana. We will look at the main joints of the lower body and learn how the variations in these joints effect our asana practice. It will be followed by an immersive Yin yoga practice, applying variations and modifications to find the target area of the pose. We will close with a short Yoga Nidra for complete relaxation.

What will I gain from this workshop?

This workshop will provide you with multiple poses and variations to guide you through your yin and yang practice. You will leave with a renewed sense of wellbeing and freedom.

This workshop is for all those looking to understand how our bones and proportions determine the look of your practice.

Open to all.


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with Malin Johansson

The methodology behind this series of workshops is based on honouring the ever-changing energy in the here and now.

Working with the Mayan calendar, which operates under the principle of going with the flow of the specific energy of the day, each of the below workshops have been scheduled to work with the energy of the four elements.

The intention of the Mandala Vinyasa practice is to honour the creative energy in all its manifestations. It opens us to a deeper level or introspection as we move and expand around the mat. It allows us to access a deeper level of awareness than what we might experience through a more linear practice.

The power of the practice resides in the fact that it follows a specific purpose and methodology. This can be a focus towards an element, a chakra or a muscle group. The clear intention of the practice allows us to revisit groups of muscles or target areas of the body that helps us reach our goal. This repetition is a constant message that starts with Yin Yoga, runs through Sun Salutations and is reinforced in different perspectives in both the standing and seated series.

Open to all


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