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Following the breath

I feel the energy rise and fall with my breath. Closing my eyes I follow my breath, Like Alice down the rabbit hole I seek the edges, Of reality, Of my body, Of the Energy.

When I encounter resistance, Within my body in a pose, I have come to understand that the root, Of this resistance lies within my mind.

Memories etched in the unconscious mind, In movement revealed, Come as I am ready to heal them, So I let them come.

I do not resist because I know, All things in their time will surrender, To the Love that lives within, And the pose will evolve.

I have come to trust my breath will lead me to relinquish the pain And bring me to that moment of release, Where my being conjoins, And I reach the state of Oneness.

Beautiful poem by Liz Smith-Anderson from The Poetry of Yoga


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